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SaveSolar are proud to provide a number of Washington DC based case studies that outline our expertise in developing Community Solar for Developers, Low-Income Housing, Commercial Buildings and Landowners. Get in touch with us to find out how we can make a solar project work for you.

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Fort Chaplin

The largest rooftop community solar system in Washington, D.C., spanning 45 buildings, will soon be saving hundreds of low and moderate-income households up to $500 a year on their electricity bills. As part of Washington, D.C.'s innovative Solar for All Program, the installation is a joint effort by SaveSolar, Standard Companies and New Columbia Solar.
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Benning Park Apartments

New roofs, clean energy and lower electricity bills. These benefits are going toward the residents and building owner of Benning Park Apartments thanks to the latest community solar installation from SaveSolar, a Washington, D.C.-based company.
harrison condos

Harrison Condos

A luxury, four-story condominium in northwest Washington, D.C. is now outfitted with solar panels and pumping electricity around the whole District. The clean energy generated by the solar on the rooftop — about 115,000 kilowatt hours — is sent back into the grid, giving about 31 households in the District $500 of clean energy each year for the next 15 years.
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Saint James

As the sun beams down on the Saint James Mutual Homes affordable housing community in southeast Washington, D.C., enough electricity to power dozens of households is sent straight into the District’s power grid. Meanwhile, residents of Saint James who enrolled in the District’s innovate ‘Solar for All' program are saving $500 a year on their electricity bills.

Dupont Commons

Dupont Commons received the 2005 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Homeownership Development, Affordable Housing Finance, and the HAND (Housing Association of Non-Profit Developers) Award for Best Development in Washington, D.C.
Bishop Gate featured

Bishop’s Gate

A chapel built in the heart of the nation’s capital in 1929, recently converted to a townhouse, is now being powered by clean solar energy. Meanwhile, the building owner gets to sit back and collect a new revenue stream, simply from leasing out the roof to SaveSolar.
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Naylor Road

Another victory for community solar in DC. A new roof, a new revenue stream and clean solar energy for the community. These are just some of the benefits going toward the owners of this apartment building in southeast Washington, D.C.
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Logan Circle Condos

A rooftop covered in heating and air-conditioning units is not ideal for solar panels, but with a clever canopy system, that’s a problem of the past. At no cost to the building owner, SaveSolar just completed a project that is now providing clean energy to all 157 units of an apartment building near Logan Circle in Washington, D.C.
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Deanwood Firehouse

The historic Deanwood Firehouse in northeast DC, built in 1908, recently needed some renovations to keep up with the clean energy revolution. When the call went out for a solar installation on the firehouse’s roof, SaveSolar came to the rescue, and, together with the DC government, ensured that the building was equipped to generate clean energy for the community.
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Todd A. Lee Senior Residences

Spanning the rooftop of Todd A. Lee Senior Residence, Washington, DC's new all-affordable senior community, are dozens of solar panels working to meet the District’s ambitious climate goals. And it’s benefitting the building owners too. The clean energy generated by the solar on the rooftop is now powering the building and lowering the building owners’ operating costs.

Kaye Stern

Welcoming all Housing Choice Voucher Program and Section 8 Voucher recipients, Kaye Stern have successfully developed and manage over 300 properties across Washington DC. With Kaye Stern managing a multi-year acquisition, construction and rehabilitation schedule, little time was left to investigate and execute solar projects.


SaveSolar is proud to provide a number of Washington, D.C.-based case studies that outline our expertise in developing community solar for developers, low-income housing, commercial buildings and landowners. Get in touch with us to find out how we can make a solar project work for you.