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SaveSolar partner with market leading roofing companies in order to combine the financial benefits of solar to help building owners replace roofing while lowering energy costs or providing a cash revenue stream for the lease of the rooftop


Extended warranty solutions for roofing that had been kept in good repair

Roofing repairs to bring property up to a 15, 20 or 25 year standard - suitable for solar development

Full replacements part or fully financed through the benefits of solar energy

Long-term revenue stream from solar assists in repaying property reserves over time

Can be financed through PACE for low-interest long-term positive solar cashflows

Solar Roofing Solutions

Roofing Partners

Fortis Warranty

Fortis provides an industry leading Lloyds of London backed Reconditioning and Roof Warranty that contains a Performance Guarantee for the life of the proposed Community Solar system.

Founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado, Fortis Warranty has a proven track record with its industry changing solutions. Through proprietary inspections and reconditioning protocols, and by applying scientific analysis of roofing materials to more precisely estimate their useful life, Fortis has been able to confidently write commercial roof warranties for more than 15 years (over 2700 warranties currently in place covering more than 120,000,000 square feet of roofing).

Fortis makes sure your roof is brought up to its rigorous standard, so it is guaranteed to perform throughout the warranted roof life. These are not band-aid, low-ball, cosmetic repairs, but rather, thorough and lasting solutions made by a Fortis Certified Contractor and inspected and certified by Fortis Certified Inspectors.