Dupont Commons

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Dupont Commons received the 2005 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Homeownership Development, Affordable Housing Finance, and the HAND (Housing Association of Non-Profit Developers) Award for Best Development in Washington, D.C.

A development of 147 affordable single-family townhomes on a former public housing site in the Fort Dupont Community of Southeast Washington, D.C, the association comprised many Solar for All qualified residents.

The challenge of engaging each and every residents and enrolling them was solved by implementing SaveSolar Community Subscription Management technology and processes – with the HOA confident knowing their community solar project will be optimized for 15 years.

Ground Mount Community Solar

SaveSolar are proud to have partnered with Enflection in order to successfully execute the installation of a 510 kW ground mount solar system for the Dupont Commons Home Owners Association in Washington DC.

Enflection, a Department of Energy and Environment ‘Solar for All’ 2018 grantee engaged SaveSolar in order to manage the distribution of energy credits to qualified residents of the Dupont Commons Home Owners Association.

With 147 individual home owners, and an additional acreages of land, Enflection and SaveSolar originated and developed a ground-mount community solar system and onboard qualified residents to the no-cost energy funded by the DOEE ‘Solar for All’ program – acting as the Subscription Organization for 15 years.

SaveSolar coordinated a sophisticated marketing campaign combining community meetings, digital and mail outreach, a self-service web application portal, inbound and outbound service and enrollment, face-to-face outreach and a pop-up kiosk.

Project Design & Construction

A Consultative Approach

In conjunction with Enflection and Dupont Commons HOW, SaveSolar:

  • Developed an innovative digital onboarding system for residents to complete their application as part of the DOEE ‘Solar for All’ program
  • Coordinated face-to-face community information and enrollment meetings with the HOA
  • Educated and enrolled residents through direct mail, email, in / outbound calls, and face-to-face engagement
  • Provided a web based ‘Solar for All’ subscriber portal providing real-time usage, allocation and energy saving information to all residents
  • Ensured all technology implemented was approved by the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) in line with ‘Solar for All’ qualification requirements

SaveSolar developed and implemented the technology within 8 weeks by modifying our existing system architecture to support the requirements of the DOEE. With construction scheduled for completion in January 2020, SaveSolar will ensure over $1.1 M in energy savings are delivered to qualified residents.

Project Success Metrics

Project Information
Project Size = 510 kW
Number of Panels = 1,545
Location = Washington DC
Customer Benefits
Customer Out-of-Pocket = $0
Construction time = 6 Months
Immediate HOA Savings
Community Solar Benefits
Community Savings = +$1M
Resident Savings PA =$510
Households Powered = 150