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Karl Unterlechner

Karl Unterlechner


Karl Unterlechner has worked in renewable and retail energy industries for 20 years.

He has a proven background in establishing innovative models to sell energy, and is a market-leader in acquisition strategies. His background includes a number of startups (built to exit), project and operations management, sales channel development and consulting.

Karl has a B.Man (Marketing) and previously studied Civil Engineering, Property & Construction and Architecture.

* Developed acquisition channels that helped grow Australia’s largest solar company to 130,000 customers.

* Acquired location assets, and assisted in strategic direction for other residential channels in the US and Australia

* Ran marketing organizations that drove Australian Power and Gas from 100,000 to 300,000 retail energy subscribers in 6 years

* Was instrumental in creating innovative customer acquisition processes through technology

* Over a period of 10 years, built and sold a multinational technology company that services residential and commercial solar acquisition firms, including Sunrun, Verengo Solar, Horizon Solar Power, SunEdison and SunPower.