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SaveSolar Powering Washington DC Powering Washington, D.C. SaveSolar Homepage through Community Solar Building Owners Building Owners We lease rooftops and develop solar systems that produce a high-earning, long-term revenue stream for building owners - increasing their asset value, lowering their energy costs and improving sustainability credentials SS DC RESIDENTS BANNER 3 Washington D.C. Residents We provide discounted renewable energy to all D.C. residents and support charitable organizations, low-income housing, and community groups.

Our Mission

SaveSolar is a Washington D.C. based organization that specialize in developing Community Solar assets. We work with building owners to finance and build solar assets, compensate them with long-term revenue, and generate solar energy back into the utility. This energy is then provided at a discount to Residential, Low Income and Community subscribers. Our mission is to help our district reach its renewable energy goals, and lower the cost of electricity.

How Does Community Solar Work?

SaveSolar develops Community Solar assets in order to offer discounted energy to all residents of the district. This includes apartments, renters, homes, low-income housing or community residents who may not be able to install solar.

We achieve this by leasing building rooftops, developing solar assets and compensating owners for the rooftop lease in order to deliver energy to the utility.

Watch our explainer video for more information.


Our Services


Building Owners

We partner with building owners and property developers to establish rooftop leases that provide significant revenue and discount electricity options

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Residential Subscribers

Save 10-15% on your energy bill, while protecting yourself from long-term rises in electricity costs by connecting directly to our Community Solar assets


Community Partners

We work closely with Low Income Housing, Charitable Organizations and Community Clubs to assist them in generating revenue through Community Solar

Our Partners

Development Services


We finance all Community Solar assets at 100% of installation costs through our renewable energy fund


Our team has experience developing 400 MW of solar assets globally



We source and install market-leading equipment including panels, inverters and optimizers


Our project management team work closely with owners and PEPCO in ensuring high-quality construction

Insurance and Maintenance

We provide turn-key solutions that cover all aspects of the solar asset over the life of the system

Standard Companies

Brad Martinson, CEO Standard Companies

We have worked closely with SaveSolar to develop 1,280 kW of solar across 45 buildings at the Fort Chaplin Park Apartments complex (548 units), that were submitted as part of Solar for All 2019.

In our time working with SaveSolar, which involves projects in Illinois, California and D.C., they have shown a unique ability to navigate the tricky regulatory landscape while securing partnerships and implementing technical solutions to maximize benefits for everyone, but especially for the community.

Kaye Stern

Jason Stern, CEO Kaye Stern

Over 2019 we worked closely with SaveSolar to rehabilitate rooftops and install 100 kW of solar on three properties. SaveSolar coordinated roofing replacement on two properties and provided us a zero-out-of-pocket model through structured finance that covered the cost of both roofing and solar.


Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA)

SaveSolar’s efforts to help meet regulatory requirements like Erosion and Sediment Control, push for site design and permitting revisions, and working with DOEE to speed PEPCO’s interconnection process is part of the reason Dupont Commons will soon feature one of the District’s largest ground-mounted solar systems.


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Fort Chaplin

The largest rooftop community solar system in Washington, D.C., spanning 45 buildings, will soon be saving hundreds of low and moderate-income households up to $500 a year on their electricity bills. As part of Washington, D.C.’s innovative Solar for All Program, the installation is a joint effort by SaveSolar, Standard Companies and New Columbia Solar.

Kaye Stern

Welcoming all Housing Choice Voucher Program and Section 8 Voucher recipients, Kaye Stern have successfully developed and manage over 300 properties across Washington DC.

Dupont Commons

Dupont Commons received the 2005 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Homeownership Development, Affordable Housing Finance, and the HAND.

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